Meet Your Walking Safari Guide Kaz Dube

“I am an avid explorer driven by a passion to share my African wildlife knowledge with guests”

Who is Your Walking Safari Guide

Kazimai Dube, well known as Kaz is a full-time Walking Safari Guide in Zimbabwe, Africa.

“I was born and raised in Hwange. A Walking Safari Guide in Zimbabwe is a prestigious status and an honor. I enjoy people and wildlife hence the reason why I am a Walking Safari Guide. Guiding integrates people on safari and wild animals in their natural environment.”

“I love to analyse and share with my guests the sequence of natural selection and how it manifests itself in individual species for their survival”

Walking Safari Guide Qualification

Zimbabwe has the best training for Walking Safari Guides in the World.

A  Walking Safari Guide in Zimbabwe holds a License obtained and issued under section (68) of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20:14) after an apprenticeship of 4 years in a wildlife reserve under the tutorship of a Walking Safari Guide.

Summary of Qualification

During the four years of apprenticeship to become a Walking Safari Guide, a Learner Guide has to acquire a high level of marksmanship in handling a firearm and dealing with dangerous wildlife for the safety of the guests during a safari.

This training also includes a thorough understanding of wildlife conservation, habits and habitats, photography, guest experience and hospitality, astronomy, safety and health, culture, camp management, maintenance, 4×4 driving skills and general knowledge of tourism in the Southern African region.

A series of theoretical and oral examinations are taken during training.

Finally, a one week long practical proficiency test at the end of the apprenticeship is taken in-order to acquire a Zimbabwe Walking Safari Guide License.


Kaz Dube received the prestigious award of best qualifying Walking Safari Guide in Zimbabwe Out of the 2010 Proficiency Test



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